1903 Ticket to Rossini's Stabat Mater

Please send us any old programs, video clips, newspaper reviews, or photos you may have to help us add to our archives! We are particularly grateful to Bonnie Graham for providing copies of her extensive collection of choir memorabilia.

Below is a chronology of the choir, organized by the person who was director of music. However, note that the tenure of each director is a bit unclear -- occasionally a director would be hired just for Camp Meeting and then later would become the regular director, so the dates might overlap.


Willisford Dey era (1878 - c. 1880)

Willisford Dey picture

John R. Sweeney era (c. 1880-1895)

John Sweeney Picture

Walter Damrosch era (c. 1895-1898)

Walter Damrosch

Tali Esen (Taliesen) Morgan era (c. 1898-1915)

Taliesen Morgan   Taliesen Morgan, later

Homer Rodeheaver era (c. 1915-1918)

Homer Rodeheaver

Joseph Lincoln Hall era (c. 1918-1930?)

J. Lincoln Hall picture

Donald Chalmers era (c. 1930-1932)

Criterion Quartet, Donald Chambers on right
Criterion Quartet, Donald Chambers on right

Mr. Chalmers had frequently performed in the Auditorium for more than 20 years as a bass soloist and assistant to Taliesen Morgan before being named music director.

Herbert R. Howells (1933)

Howells was hired to take over the music program. However, he never actually took office.

Walter David Eddowes era (c. 1933-1966)

Walter Eddowes
Walter and Josephine Eddowes
Walter and his wife Josephine Eddowes, who was the Auditorium organist after Clarence Kohlmann died in 1944.

Lewis Daniels era (c. 1966-2004)

Lew Daniels 2000  Lew Daniels 1985
Lew Daniels 2012
Lew conducting a rehearsal at the 2012 Festival

1981 Festival - Program (pdf)
1983 Festival - Program (pdf)
1984 Festival - Program (pdf)
1985 Festival - Program (pdf)

1986 Festival - Program (pdf)
1987 Festival - Program (pdf)
1988 Festival - Program (pdf)
1989 Festival - Program (pdf)
1989 Ein Deutsches Requiem - Program (pdf)
Delaine Terpening Sarraf's collection of Festival ribbons
1990 Festival - Program (pdf)
1991 Festival - Program (pdf)
1992 Festival - if you have a copy of this program please send it to us
1993 Elijah - Program (pdf)
1994 Festival - Program (pdf)
1995 Festival - Program (pdf)
1996 Festival - Program (pdf)
1997 Festival - Program (pdf)
1998 Festival - Program (pdf)
1999 Festival - Program (pdf)
2000 Festival - Program (pdf)

2000 Great Masterworks - Program (pdf)
2001 Festival - Program (pdf)
2001 Great Masterworks - Program (pdf)
2002 Festival - Program (pdf)
2002 Great Masterworks - Program (pdf)
2003 Festival - Program (pdf)
2004 Festival - Program (pdf) (pdf) -- 50th Anniversary
2004 Great Masterworks - Poster for Brahms' German Requiem (jpg)
2012: Lewis Daniels Obituary (Asbury Park Press)

Paul E. Oakley era (2005-2006)

Paul Oakley photo

2005 Festival - Program (pdf)
2006 Festival - Program (pdf)
2006 - Elijah - Program (pdf)

2012 Obituary

Jason Tramm era (2007-present)

2007 Festival - Program (pdf)
2008 Festival - Program (pdf)
2008 Sacred Masterwork - Symphony #2, Hymn of Praise (Mendelssohn)
2009 Festival - Program (pdf)
2009 Sacred Masterwork - Stabat Mater (Rossini)
2010 Festival - Program (pdf)
2010 Sacred Masterwork - The Creation (Hayden) Review in Newark Star-Ledger
2011 Festival - Program (pdf)
2011 Sacred Masterwork -- cancelled due to Hurricane Irene; planned to perform "Songs of Faith" by Gwyneth Walker
2011 September 11 Remembrance Service Program
2012 Festival - Program (pdf)

2012 Sacred Masterwork: Stabat Mater (Dvorak) Preview, NJ.com

2013 Festival - Program (pdf)
2013 Sacred Masterwork: Baroque Treasures by Bach and Handel
2014 Festival - Program (pdf)

2014 Sacred Masterwork: The Messiah (Handel)

2015: Grace Church and Ralph, July 4 Parade

2015 Festival - Program (pdf)

2015 Sacred Masterwork - Grace and Peace, works of Mendelssohn, Vivaldi, and Bernstein - Program (pdf)

Audio recording: Part 1

2016 Choir Reunion Concert - Program (pdf)

2016 Festival - Program (pdf) Photo Album

2016 - "Jason in the Grove", a celebration of Jason's 10th year in Ocean Grove -- opera in 3 acts written by Harris Whitley

2016 Sacred Masterwork - Elijah (Mendelssohn) poster (jpg) and Program (pdf)

2017 Choir Reunion concert - (Dr. Cindy Bell Conducting) March 11 Program

2017 New choir shirts - modeled by Choir Secretary Steven Buckley.

2017 July 4th Parade

2017 Choir Festival

2017 Sacred Masterwork -- In the Footsteps of Our Saviour - Saint-Saens "Christmas Oratorio" and DuBois "Seven Last Words of Christ"

CDs of recent Choir Festivals

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